Our democracy is only as strong as we are.

We’re only strong when we’re organised.

When citizens work together to build coalitions, contest big ideas, and make change. That’s what democracy looks like.

But for too long, we have let the bonds between us fray. Slowly but surely, we are becoming resigned to a future in which our lives are shaped by forces beyond our control. Our democracy risks being reduced to a struggle between elites promising to help and protect us.

It doesn’t have to be that way. We can help ourselves if we band together. Only then can we influence the choices that shape our lives. Democracy can be a shared activity that binds us together. We just have to get organised.

That’s why the Civic Power Fund exists: to get Britain organised. We will revitalise our democracy by building civic power - the capacity of citizens to organise, mobilise, and effect change.

We support grassroots community organising, build the ecosystem organising needs to thrive, and empower talented civic leaders.

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